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Q: Is the software for mobile phones on this site free?
A: Yes, this software on this site is free for use. There are some restrictions to the software that can be removed by buying the unlock code (one license) or by visiting the website of our sponsor.

Q: What is the number of users that can use a license?
A: The license is for one device only.

Q: I have formatted or reset my device and all my software is lost, what should I do?
A: Unfortunately, IQ-mobile is not responsible for any data loss and phone reset. If you liked the software applications used we suggest downloading them again and buying the new license. The license is for one installation only!

Q: How do I install the applications and games on my mobile phone.
A: Well, there are more than one ways to do that:
a) Use your mobile phone’s internal browser to go to the IQ-mobile site and download and install the software directly from the site (more details you find on the product page)
b) Download the product’s files (jad and jar) and install them using your computer (a cable/bluetooth/infrared connection between your computer and mobile phone is needed). Some mobile phone producers require you to install their own software on the computer to be able to manage your phone’s application (e.g. Nokia may require PC Suite, Samsung requires PIM etc).
c) Copy the two files on your memory card (if your mobile phone has memory card support) and install it by browsing it with you built in phone file manager.

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