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Pimp Clock


Pimp Clock

Pimp Clock is the best application you can choose if you want to turn your iPad into a beautiful clock that can be customized exactly as you like. Why not use your iPad on its full potential and have in the same time a great digital/binary clock and a photo frame for your favorite images. Features

  • I.Clock & Date Customization
    • Digital and Binary Clock/Date
    • Two different profiles – landscape and portrait
    • Different customization profiles for digital and binary clock
    • Different textures and colors to display your time and date, to be sure you have the best contrast and in the same time the nicest view
    • Dimension and position time and date exactly as you want
    • Background for time/date that can be customized so you can have the best view of your clock on any backend image
    • Display only the time or only the date in order to maximize the display usage
    • Customize your time format to 12 or 24 hours mode and show or hide seconds to get the desired clock size
    • Customize your date format and separator
    • Display the binary clock and date in pure binary or BCD format for an easier reading
    • Reset your time and date to the original position to be sure you always have a good preset to use, regardless of how you choose to play with all the options provided by the application
    • Choose one of the beautiful images we recommended to have a colorful display and play with its colors Add any of your favorite images as background for the application and transform your iPad into an intelligent photo frame
  • II. Clock Alarm
    • Easy selection of alarm time
    • “Repeat daily” option
    • Adjustable length for the snooze
    • Ability to choose different melodies for alarm and snooze
  • III. Tips and Tutorial
    • Startup tutorial that explains using images all the important features of the application
    • Help feature that will explain in detail every option and will give you more power to customize your application

Enjoy Pimping your Clock!

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