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IQ Talking Clock


IQ Talking Clock

IQ Talking Clock is a software application that gives your phone the ability to read the current time even if your phone doesn’t have this built in function.This simple and intuitive application gives you the option to adjust the time read from the phone’s current time, thus any error in getting the time can be rectified manually to get the best results.

Tip: Assign a shortcut key on your phone to launch the java application with the press of a single key to hear the current time without you having to browse the entire phone menu!

The trial version allows you to use the application for a limited number of times. This should be sufficient enough to let you try all the options included in the program and to convince yourself that it is working perfectly on your mobile phone. After the trial period is over, you can easily buy an unique unlock code for your application. For further details on how to buy the unlock code for this wonderful java software application suited for your mobile phone, please click on the buy button and follow the steps described there.

The new version of IQ Talking Clock can automatically read the time on a requested interval. Just set the number of minutes and the phone will read the current time.

Note: Some phones go into power saving mode after a few minutes/seconds. This can affect the way IQ Talking Clock works. To ensure the auto reading functions properly, please disable the power saving mode.

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