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Browse and Tube Free


Browse and Tube Free

Open a webpage in a tab and YouTube in the other tab or open webpages in both tabs.

♦ Private Browsing in the default behavior, so no data is saved.

The two tabs can be arranged in four modes (layouts):

♦ Split screen horizontal browser - best for viewing two web pages when holding the iPad in landscape mode

♦ Split screen vertical browser - best for viewing two web pages holding the iPad in portrait mode

♦ Tab in tab - one of the tabs is made smaller and floats above the other tab. This is cool for watching YouTube videos while browsing.

♦ One tab browsing (you can send the second tab in the background). Use this mode when you want to listen to YouTube but don't need it on the screen.


▪ the active tab has a red highlight above it

▪ touch the tab to make it active

▪ to swap tabs press the layout button a second time

▪ quick search YouTube by selecting the tab and using the search bar in the right upper corner

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